Selected Clips


$700 a Month for a Bed-Sized ‘Pod’ in Downtown San Francisco? Techies Are Renting Them (The San Francisco Standard)

Replika wanted to end loneliness with a lurid AI bot. Then its users revolted. (SFGate)

Sanas, the buzzy Bay Area startup that wants to make the world sound whiter (SFGate)

Elon Musk has no idea what he’s doing with Twitter (SFGate)

‘Buy now, pay later’ is sending the TikTok generation spiraling into debt (SFGate)

Music and Pop Culture

Lil Nas X says he got lost in San Francisco for 2 hours (SFGate)

Olivia Rodrigo shows why she’s the defining pop star of these times (SFGate)

Lil Dicky’s ‘Earth’ Video Is Band Aid For The Internet (NPR Music)

No Album Left Behind: 100 gecs, 1000 gecs (Paste)

Jake Zyrus Opens Up About Coming Out As Trans in the Spotlight & Inspiration Behind New Music: ‘It’s My Survival Song’ (Billboard)

Jay Som’s Slow-Burning Ascent (East Bay Express)

Media Appearances

Is Location Sharing the New Normal? (KQED Forum, June 15, 2023)

When to use buy now, pay later services (Marketplace’s Financially Inclined, May 12, 2023)

A Tech Startup Removes Accents from Call Center Workers’ Speech. Does that Mask Bigger Problems? (KQED Forum, Sept. 19, 2022)

After Cruise’s Implosion, What’s Next for Robotaxis? (KQED’s The Bay, Jan. 22, 2024)